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This book will change your life and the lives of generations to come.

Understand how the Soul may be impacted while in the womb and how love, prayers and forgiveness can help all generations heal. A book of profound importance to help all people on this planet come back to a state of grace. This is not so much about loss as it is about healing and changing the way we bring in the next generation of great Souls.

It is Time to Heal
Children's Lost Souls
and the Heart of the World.

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ISBN# 0-9740730-1-6

Hard back:
ISBN# 0-9740730-0-8

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A guide to healing and helping Souls return to the Light after sudden death, miscarriage, stillbirth or abortion.

Gwendolyn has seen a pattern of illness in many of her clients relating to the loss of a child, particularly if the child was lost before full term and no transitional rites were done. Stunning case histories show why sometimes a child’s Soul may not be able to reach the Light after a traumatic death because of entanglement with the grieving family. Prayers are essential to assist the Soul’s transition into the Light and to ease the pain of loss for all involved. Gwendolyn carefully and compassionately explains how to do this work and also explains why it is essential to lovingly communicate with the Soul of the child during pregnancy and most importantly if the child is lost. She also explains the deep wounding that can occur to a child’s Soul during pregnancy if the child is not wanted. Gwendolyn offers us the prayers that can help resolve these difficulties and assist Souls in transition. It is her deepest desire that the Souls of children who died too young and all Souls who need help may be healed. As their hearts heal, so does the Heart of the World.


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