“This is an intriguing, thought provoking and important work, and surely a cry from the heart of the author to the heart of a reader. Gwendolyn Jones' extensive knowledge of and keen analysis of conception, the uterine state, birth, bonding and general development is right on target, giving fresh insights into issues of profound importance to our present perilous state. Her plea that the pre-conceptual period be a time of preparation for conception, a preparation which can bring into the world a new human of greater intelligence and ability, is backed by strong research and striking examples of which I have personal acquaintance. Her view on abortion is free of the political ­religious power-seeking abuse currently muddying the waters of that painful subject, introducing an aspect which I had never heard nor thought of; while her general guidance for unwanted pregnancy is compassionate, intelligent, and helpful. Above all, this is a book about the plight of children and the human spirit in general, as well as the spirit children bring into the world with them, (as explored by psychologist Tobin Hart in his remarkable work, The Secret Spiritual World of Children) a spirit which is too often crushed by our insensitivity to an infant-child's real needs. At this time of social disintegration, with its mounting rise of child suicide and violence, there is an equally strong social hunger for spiritual renewal, and to both Gwendolyn Jones brings an important, and challenging, viewpoint and message. Thank you Gwendolyn, you have made me rethink many issues I had automatically assumed. My very best to you in your work.
JOSEPH CHILTON PEARCE Author of The Biology of Transcendence: A Blueprint of the Human Spirit; The Crack in the Cosmic Egg; Magical Child and Evolution’s End.


"As a naturopathic doctor, I was immensely gratified by the profound underlying power of Gwen's words as she clearly and persuasively laid out the case for the sanctity of all human life, no matter what phase. As a male, I stood in awe, and sometimes in tears, at both the suffering and the courage demonstrated by the women in Gwen's case studies. This is one of the most important books ever written in this century. Every person who cares for the future of human life on this planet MUST read this important work!"

“As a female, a nurse and a counselor I see the potential for offering peace and love to patients during a traumatic time in their lives using the guidance and prayers in this book. Every healthcare provider and counselor should read this to remind them all our actions should be done with love and our intent should be first to heal and do no harm. This book can change your life if you allow it to; it offers peace and a way to heal many traumas that come from making those heart-wrenching decisions that life sometimes throws our way.”

“Whether you are you Pro-Life or Pro-Choice, this is the book we have all been waiting for because it offers us answers we have been looking for. As a Licensed Unity Teacher and Spiritual Leader, I am honored when I am called upon to counsel those who are looking for help in order to answer whether or not to abort a child, what happened when a baby is still-born, or died due to SIDS. The author, Gwendolyn Jones, gives us information about incoming souls and the process of birth so that right decisions for each situation can be made. I will use The Prayer of Light, The Forgiveness Prayer and The Transitional Prayer found at the end of the book while counseling and encourage those I counsel to use them also. Thank you, Gwendolyn.”
CHERE PINKSTON, Licensed Unity Teacher

"Regardless of our different belief systems, Gwendolyn Awen Jones has truly given us something much deeper to consider in our spiritual approach to life and healing. That our emotional pain and challenges often begin long before we have heretofore acknowledged, is without a doubt, actual. Ms. Jones addresses this in depth and shares with her readers the consequential impact these happenings can have on the rest of our life. She helps us realize the powerful impact our choices have upon, not only us as individuals, but on generations yet to be born. The resolution does exist. Spend time with Gwendolyn as she teaches you her beautiful and effective way to resolve these challenges."
KAROL K. TRUMAN, Author of Feelings Buried Alive Never Die

“I enjoyed the book immensely! It had a profound impact on me, and it will likely have a similar impact on both professional and non-professional people who read it. Your lucid exposition of and indeed reframing of the contentious and difficult issues in A Cry from the Womb demonstrate a new and critically different perspective from which they can be evaluated and discussed. This has made me thoroughly re-evaluate my own feelings about the subject. The balance which you strike between the case histories and the more didactic material is just right. While some of the subject matter is bound to be met with come skepticism by some doctors due to their closed-mindedness about things which they can neither fully explain nor control, I found it refreshing and food for thought. Furthermore, many doctors may be put off by the notion of the patient’s ability to heal herself with little or no formal help from them. From the patient’s perspective, though, this is an extraordinarily powerful notion, and one which I hope will be embraced and widely practiced."

“This book transforms lives. Gwen Jones guides readers through their journeys without judgment and with utter compassion and love.”
NORMA E. CANTU, Author of Canicula: Snapshots of a Girlhood en la Frontera

“You have never read anything like this book, and it will change your life.”
CELIA VALE, Author of Symbol and Allusion in Aldous Huxley’s Island: An Annotated List

A Cry from the Womb is a moving story of authentic human tragedy, spiritual search and triumph, written by someone who cares- a rare source of light in today’s confused arguments about the nature of life, consciousness and transcendence of the material world. Thank you for writing the book.”
JACQUES F. VALLEE, Ph.D. Author of The Heart of the Internet: An Insider’s view of the Origin and Promise of the Online Revolution; The Four Elements of Financial Alchemy: A New formula for Personal Prosperity

"We are all affected by the cycles of birth and life in more ways than the average person can perceive. No author understands this better than Gwendolyn Awen Jones. Her clean-cut explanations help us understand the many ways in which we are affected by our connections to our loved ones and how we must all work to heal ourselves. Her insightful advice is useful to everyone wishing to heal themselves, and in turn heal the planet, at this troubled time in our history. Her anecdotal stories are profound and concise. The choice of stories covers a wide range of topics. Even if the reader has not been part of a similar story, each story has a message for all readers. Her explanations about who and what we are as spiritual beings in this world is key to everyone's understanding of themselves and their purpose here on this earth. Just the glossary is a treasure in itself!
I have followed and practiced the simple prayer steps that Gwendolyn Awen Jones has written for us and must say that I feel more grounded and at peace than ever before.
Good transformational literature is hard to find. I have a library full of self-help books that I put down after a few chapters. A CRY FROM THE WOMB is a must-read for all spiritual seekers, mothers, fathers and anyone who wishes to understand themselves as a human being on planet Earth. It is an easy read that packs a big punch!"

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